Buying a Nutritional Supplement

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Beware the Pitfalls!

It is hard to believe how much the health food industry has grown in just a few decades.  We used to buy our food supplement from the drug store or the “Watkins” man at our doorstep.  Today there are literally hundreds of companies who compete to sell you their exclusive brand of nutritional supplement (from vitamins and minerals to herbs to exotic juices and teas, etc). Although these companies sell health care products, many of them are primarily in business to involve people in a money making program. A sizable number of these companies appear and disappear so quickly, they keep the industry in constant state of flux.

This definitely presents a problem for the consumer who is looking for a good health food supplement to enhance his or her health.  Since the average lifespan of many of these companies is fairly short, the would-be buyer has to wonder what company and what products are going to be around long enough to be of any benefit.  This is a serious concern to anyone who wants to be able to stay with one product, once he finds one that is actually helpful. older-couple-on-bikes

What can you, as a buyer, do to help determine whether a company is more or less likely to be around longer than the average?  And how can you tell whether the company is truly concerned about your health?  When trying to make that choice, there are two factors that should be considered:

1)      What is the primary goal of the company?  Is it to provide health-promoting products to enhance your state of health?  Or does it seem like the nutritional supplement is just a bi-product to a program that focuses on enhancing your financial status?

2)      And secondly, how long has the company been in business? Is it going to be around tomorrow when you go to purchase the product?

Natural Wonders is a Comforting Answer to this Dilemma

natural wonders NATURAL WONDERS – a health supplement company – has been providing unique and exceptional health care products for over thirty years.

Many of our first customers are still using these products 25 to 30 years later – an outstanding record in today’s typical come-and-go market.  The reason we have acquired such loyalty with our customers is that we offer truly excellent, health enhancing products and are dedicated to the single goal of improving health and well-being.  Our customer service and satisfaction are off the charts.

NATURAL WONDERS only objective is to help our customers acquire and maintain a higher level of health and well-being and therefore enjoy a better quality of life.  We invite you to try our life-changing nutritional supplement – called LIFE-MATE – and see for yourself why we have been in business for so long and why our customers are so loyal and committed to a life-long relationship with NATURAL WONDERS!

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Nature’s Ultimate Wonder

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The world we live in is full of wonders – both natural and man-made.  The wonders that man has developed in the past few decades are truly incredible and have changed the world and the way we live forever.  However, the wonders of Nature still far exceed anything that man has created.

10857214-jogging-couple Although modern technology has surrounded us with unbelievable inventions, the wonder that tops them all is the human body – truly the greatest of all Nature’s creations. In fact, because of the amazing complexity of the human body, it gives man the ability to stand at the pinnacle of all that exists on the planet.  However, maintaining our position at the top of creation is dependent on our ability to maintain the body in top condition – the condition we call good health!  Since our body is a creation of Nature, we have been provided with the elements from Nature – in the form of nutrition – that are required to keep the body in a healthy state so it can function as it is intended to keep us at the top.

Since good health is the key to our position in creation, it would stand to reason that maintaining our health would be our very top priority.  In reality, however, we all know that taking care of our health is, for most people, very low on the priority list.  In fact, we tend to ignore it, or even worse, we abuse it!  As unbelievable as it is, we have actually created things that are destructive to our health.  Consider what we have done:

  1. Polluted the air we breathe and the water we drink – the two most critical elements we require to even exist;
  2. Altered or destroyed the nutritive value of the food we eat – the only source of  the nutrients that are vitally essential to keep the body in a healthy state;
  3. Created addictive substances – like cigarettes and alcohol – that break down the healthy condition of the body and severely hinder its ability to function;
  4. Adopted life styles that are dominated by stress, excessive weight gain, lack of exercise, etc., all of which tend to ruin our health and reduce our quality of life.
bad food

In a world like this, we cannot afford to sit back, ignore our health, and depend on luck to keep us healthy.  We have to make a conscious and consistent effort to make sure we get the essential nutrients required to maintain the level of health that will allow the body to function as the natural wonder it is intended to be.

8965730-autumn-orchard-under-the-sun The only source Nature has provided to keep the body in top condition is from the nutrients contained in the food we eat.  Obviously, to stay healthy, we need to get the best nutrition available.  Unfortunately, since much of the food in today’s pre-packaged, fast-food diet is seriously lacking in those vital nutrients, we must supplement our diet in order to get what the body needs.  Fortunately, there is such a nutritional supplement available today – called LIFE-MATE – which is designed to supply all the essential elements of a good diet.

This product has been on the market for over thirty years and has helped countless customers enjoy an enhanced level of good health and well-being.  It is offered to the public through a company called NATURAL WONDERS.  We invite you to try LIFE-MATE and experience the difference it can make in your life.  It can truly enhance your level of health and well-being – and improve your quality of life.


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Preventative Health Plan

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A common trend in our culture today is to ignore our health until we get seriously sick.  The logic of this is hard to understand, since it stands to reason that if we don’t take care of our health, we will most likely lose it. Most of us will admit that we know this to be true, and we would dread having to deal with the consequences of ignoring our health, but we still won’t take the trouble to do anything now to prevent getting sick.  People seem to think that if they pay a lot for health insurance now, they are covered and will be taken care of when the “inevitable” sickness comes later. We have this delusion that if we pay for insurance to restore our health, once it is in jeopardy, we really don’t need to do anything now to keep from getting sick. The only time sickness would be “inevitable” is if we ignore our health now, when we are healthy. What we need to realize is that paying some money now to protect our health and prevent illness can save us a lot more money later – as well as prevent the sorrows of losing our health and having to try to rebuild it after it has been compromised.




When we come down with a serious illness (and don’t seem to recover to the level of health we would like), we tend to blame the illness for damaging our state of health. What we don’t recognize is that our health was in the process of being damaged long before we got sick, and that is what allowed the illness to attack and overpower our system. The body has been given a natural defense mechanism – the immune system- that is designed to protect the body from sickness. But this system must be cared for in order to function.

If it is ignored and not carefully maintained, it will weaken and breakdown and leave the body defenseless against the forces that can destroy our health. In order to maintain a good level of health for the entire body (including the immune system) requires providing it with the essential elements that Nature has given us for this purpose. The one source we have for these elements is the nutrition from the food we eat.

Unfortunately, we have done much to alter or destroy the nutritive value of our food in order to accommodate our tastes and life-style, and much of what the body needs to stay healthy is just not in our pre-packaged or fast-food daily diet. Therefore, to get what we need to maintain a level of good health, we must fortify our diet with a good health supplement that will provide the essential elements of nutrition that are lacking in our diet. Available on the market today is a unique nutritional supplement – called LIFE-MATE – that is designed to provide the essentials of a healthy diet. It is offered to the public through a company called NATURAL WONDERS.

This natural supplement has been on the market for over thirty years and has provided countless customers with the nutritional elements they need to enjoy an enhanced level of good health and well-being. Many of these customers have taken LIFE-MATE for 25-30 years, and they claim that the level of health and the quality of life they enjoy is in large part attributable to this outstanding health food supplement. We invite you to try LIFE-MATE and give it a chance to improve your level of health and quality of life and well-being.

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Beat The Epidemic of Poor Health

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“Tried and True” vs “Hot New Fad”

Have you noticed that your energy level seems down a few notches, or you just don’t feel as good as you used to?  A lack of energy, or just feeling poorly, is such a common condition nowadays that it might be considered an epidemic.  When you take into account the lifestyle that so many of us lead and the many negative factors that affect our health, it is no wonder that this condition exists.  Stress, smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet, foods lacking in nutritional value – these are just a few of the negatives that tend to place greater demands on the body’s ability to function than it is able to meet.  Perhaps it is time to consider giving the body a little extra help to combat these negatives.  Perhaps it is time to consider taking a nutritional supplement!

Companies abound in the health food industry, and they are ready to offer you an astounding variety of food supplements.  Products from all over the world (ranging from the South Sea Islands to the Himalayas) are available in a variety of forms, such as teas, herbs, fruit juices, tree bark, animal extracts – to name just a few.   The bandwagon to be on, in today’s health food industry, seems to be to offer products that are new, unusual, and come from some exotic corner of the world. supplements

This trend may be understandable, if not defensible.  Companies are profit driven, and to keep them on the leading edge of the market, they feel they must offer the latest, hottest and most exciting fads available.  It is not uncommon for companies to discontinue older, more “traditional” products that have been around for years and been proven to have lasting benefits just because something new and “exotic” has come out that is claimed to be the new miracle worker of the day.  This may, in fact, be beneficial to the company’s “bottom line”, but it may not be beneficial to the consumer’s health.

NATURAL WONDERS is a health supplement company that believes in the value of the “tried-and-true” – products that have been around long enough to have established a credibility based on years of consumer use.  It believes that years of effective and beneficial results outweigh claims that are unproven by actual “time-tested” use.  NATURAL WONDERS offers a “traditional” food supplement – called LIFE-MATE – that has been on the market for over thirty years.  This product has definitely withstood the “test of time”.

life-mate-bottle-skinny The great majority of our customers have been taking this outstanding food supplement for 25 to 30 years and give credit to this product for the high level of good health they enjoy.  Yes, this product is “traditional” and does not claim to be among the newest, hottest things on the market.  But the loyalty of its customers speaks for itself.  For decades, customers have enhanced their lives and come to depend on LIFE-MATE’s life-changing benefits and are grateful that they have made it a part of their life.

We invite you to try our “traditional” health supplement – LIFE-MATE – and see why our customers would not consider changing the “tried-and-true”, that has earned their trust and confidence for so many years.

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Simple Essentials

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Good Nutrition – Essential for Good Health

Having and maintaining good health is to a large extent dependent on the kind of nutrition you get from the food you eat.  The nutrients from your diet provide the only source of energy that powers your body and keeps it running.  Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you get the following components of a balanced diet on a regular basis:

Carbohydrates (and fats) – which supply the fuel for energy that the body requires on a constant basis to function and stay alive.

Protein – which is the only source of nutrition that feeds all the cells of the body and keeps them strong and healthy.

Vitamins and Minerals – which provide the stimulus for the processes that take place in the body.

If there is an adequate supply of these components in the diet, and the body is able to use them properly, then the body can function normally and maintain a sustained level of good health.

The Natural Cycle of Nutrition

The food you eat follows a natural cycle in the body that enables the body to get the benefits of that nutrition to stay healthy.

This cycle is: Assimilation – First, the food must be rendered into a useable state and be absorbed into each and every cell of the body.Utilization – The cells must then be able to break down these nutrients and use them for nutrition to keep them in a healthy condition.Elimination – Finally, the wastes left over must be excreted (including elements not used, plus toxins which are accumulated from air and water pollution, heavy metals, drugs, etc.) to keep the body “clean”. healthyfood_b

When the necessary elements of nutrition go through this cycle, the body gets the benefits and can maintain a high level of good health.  If the diet does not have the required nutrients, or this cycle does not function properly, then the condition of health deteriorates and the body is no longer able to combat the many elements that weaken it and make it vulnerable to diseases and sickness.

How Can You Protect Your Health?

There are definite steps you can take to protect your health by providing the elements of good nutrition and promoting the body’s ability to get the most benefit from it.  NATURAL WONDERS, a health supplement company, offers an outstanding nutritional supplement – called LIFE-MATE – that was developed through medical research.  This product, which contains a carefully balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes and a host of other beneficial ingredients, has been on the market for over thirty years.  It has helped countless people attain and maintain a high level of good health and enjoy an enhanced overall feeling of well-being. We invite you to try LIFE-MATE and experience what it can do to change your life.

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