Simple Essentials

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Good Nutrition – Essential for Good Health

Having and maintaining good health is to a large extent dependent on the kind of nutrition you get from the food you eat.  The nutrients from your diet provide the only source of energy that powers your body and keeps it running.  Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you get the following components of a balanced diet on a regular basis:

Carbohydrates (and fats) – which supply the fuel for energy that the body requires on a constant basis to function and stay alive.

Protein – which is the only source of nutrition that feeds all the cells of the body and keeps them strong and healthy.

Vitamins and Minerals – which provide the stimulus for the processes that take place in the body.

If there is an adequate supply of these components in the diet, and the body is able to use them properly, then the body can function normally and maintain a sustained level of good health.

The Natural Cycle of Nutrition

The food you eat follows a natural cycle in the body that enables the body to get the benefits of that nutrition to stay healthy.

This cycle is: Assimilation – First, the food must be rendered into a useable state and be absorbed into each and every cell of the body.Utilization – The cells must then be able to break down these nutrients and use them for nutrition to keep them in a healthy condition.Elimination – Finally, the wastes left over must be excreted (including elements not used, plus toxins which are accumulated from air and water pollution, heavy metals, drugs, etc.) to keep the body “clean”. healthyfood_b

When the necessary elements of nutrition go through this cycle, the body gets the benefits and can maintain a high level of good health.  If the diet does not have the required nutrients, or this cycle does not function properly, then the condition of health deteriorates and the body is no longer able to combat the many elements that weaken it and make it vulnerable to diseases and sickness.

How Can You Protect Your Health?

There are definite steps you can take to protect your health by providing the elements of good nutrition and promoting the body’s ability to get the most benefit from it.  NATURAL WONDERS, a health supplement company, offers an outstanding nutritional supplement – called LIFE-MATE – that was developed through medical research.  This product, which contains a carefully balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes and a host of other beneficial ingredients, has been on the market for over thirty years.  It has helped countless people attain and maintain a high level of good health and enjoy an enhanced overall feeling of well-being. We invite you to try LIFE-MATE and experience what it can do to change your life.