Preventative Health Plan

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A common trend in our culture today is to ignore our health until we get seriously sick.  The logic of this is hard to understand, since it stands to reason that if we don’t take care of our health, we will most likely lose it. Most of us will admit that we know this to be true, and we would dread having to deal with the consequences of ignoring our health, but we still won’t take the trouble to do anything now to prevent getting sick.  People seem to think that if they pay a lot for health insurance now, they are covered and will be taken care of when the “inevitable” sickness comes later. We have this delusion that if we pay for insurance to restore our health, once it is in jeopardy, we really don’t need to do anything now to keep from getting sick. The only time sickness would be “inevitable” is if we ignore our health now, when we are healthy. What we need to realize is that paying some money now to protect our health and prevent illness can save us a lot more money later – as well as prevent the sorrows of losing our health and having to try to rebuild it after it has been compromised.




When we come down with a serious illness (and don’t seem to recover to the level of health we would like), we tend to blame the illness for damaging our state of health. What we don’t recognize is that our health was in the process of being damaged long before we got sick, and that is what allowed the illness to attack and overpower our system. The body has been given a natural defense mechanism – the immune system- that is designed to protect the body from sickness. But this system must be cared for in order to function.

If it is ignored and not carefully maintained, it will weaken and breakdown and leave the body defenseless against the forces that can destroy our health. In order to maintain a good level of health for the entire body (including the immune system) requires providing it with the essential elements that Nature has given us for this purpose. The one source we have for these elements is the nutrition from the food we eat.

Unfortunately, we have done much to alter or destroy the nutritive value of our food in order to accommodate our tastes and life-style, and much of what the body needs to stay healthy is just not in our pre-packaged or fast-food daily diet. Therefore, to get what we need to maintain a level of good health, we must fortify our diet with a good health supplement that will provide the essential elements of nutrition that are lacking in our diet. Available on the market today is a unique nutritional supplement – called LIFE-MATE – that is designed to provide the essentials of a healthy diet. It is offered to the public through a company called NATURAL WONDERS.

This natural supplement has been on the market for over thirty years and has provided countless customers with the nutritional elements they need to enjoy an enhanced level of good health and well-being. Many of these customers have taken LIFE-MATE for 25-30 years, and they claim that the level of health and the quality of life they enjoy is in large part attributable to this outstanding health food supplement. We invite you to try LIFE-MATE and give it a chance to improve your level of health and quality of life and well-being.