Flu Cold 1 fl oz

Flu Cold 1 fl oz


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Perhaps the most common ailment that affects people today is a viral infection, most commonly the flu and the common cold. It seems that everyone is susceptible to these infections, and many people come down with them on a regular basis. FLU-COLD is a homeopathic remedy (composed of natural homeopathic ingredients) that serves to stimulate the body’s own immune system to combat the infection. If taken at the first sign of a cold or the flu, it can work wonders to reduce the symptoms and shorten the affects of the infection.

*This formulas is a liquid tincture. It is composed of herbs that are historically proven to provide nutritional support for the conditions for which it is indicated. It is produced through a unique extraction process (called the Spagyric process) that is noted for providing the most complete extraction of nutrients from the herbs. The liquid base of this formula is demineralized water and ethanol.